From his first day in the Montessori classroom, the child’s language is cultivated and enriched. From the new vocabulary the Directress presents to him, to the grace and courtesy lessons which help him to feel comfortable in his new environment to the games of “I spy...” he plays with his peers, he is immersed in a language-rich environment where he absorbs everything.

Sounds are introduced using the sandpaper letters. By using the phonics system, we give the child the keys to language. Once he has learned some sounds he can begin to break up and recognise words himself and even start to spell new words.

All physical activity up to this point has helped prepare the child for the task of writing. Carrying heavy cylinder blocks and using his pincer grip to pick up knobbed apparatus have strengthened his grip and also refined his pencil control. Working with the metal insets guides the child towards precise pencil manipulation which is vital when it comes to writing down letters.