“Instead of facility in speech, she has to acquire the power of silence; instead of teaching, she has to observe; instead of the proud dignity of one who claims to be infallible, she assumes the vesture of humility.”

At Dundrum Montessori School our teachers have all trained in The Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.) or The St. Nicholas Montessori College of Ireland (S.N.M.C.I.). Following in Dr. Montessori’s footsteps we call ourselves Directresses, rather than teachers, as we do not “teach” in the conventional sense of the word. Through constant observation of the children we can see when to guide each child through an ordered arrangement of developmentally appropriate material and exercises. We are trained to recognise the child’s readiness according to ability and interest in a specific area and to present new materials with these factors in mind. The Directress is the link between the child and the Prepared Environment or classroom. Once she has presented a lesson to a child he/she is free to work with this material and to learn at his/her own individual pace. Upon mastering the exercise the child is ready for the next, more challenging exercise.