The school days begins at 9am when the children enter the classroom and greet their teacher. Montessori work begins immediately and the children are free to take out any material they have been shown. The Directress observes the whole class and presents new lessons to children when they are ready. Work is done individually and in groups for some lessons. The children can work at tables or on floor mats, read a book in the library, explore the nature table, organise the farm, do some art or chat to their friends.

At 11 o'clock the children tidy up for circle-time. This changes daily but includes story time, "my news", Irish lessons, group Grace and Courtesy lessons and singing. Each Directress will plan her daily circle-time lessons depending on the needs, interests and abilities of the children in her class.

At 11:30 the children are brought to the garden where they can play with all of their friends until they are collected at 12pm.