"I cannot speak highly enough in praise of Dundrum Montessori. It is a wonderful place. with fantastic staff working from a really solid ethos. They engender a wonderful atmosphere enabling and empowering the children and allowing them to grow in a very natural and caring manner. It is completely down to the consummately professional Orla Quigley and the superb staff. My daughter loved it, made great friends and still talks about it, it provided her with a really solid grounding to move, without any problems, to Junior Infants. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dundrum Montessori to any parent who wishes the best for their child."
Morgan Butler

“My two girls have been attending Montessori and Afterschool at Dundrum Montessori for the past 4+ years.  In that time we have found the school to be a caring, stimulating and fun place to be!  Both my children have enjoyed their time there and have always been happy attending day after day.  The teachers are all very competent and professional and are undoubtedly a higher calibre than many other pre-schools I have had experiences with.  The school itself is very flexible and I think the small size of the classes is of great benefit to the children.  I would have no hesitation recommending Dundrum Montessori.”
-Emma Taylor

"My daughter had such a happy, enriching and rewarding year in Dundrum Montessori.  Órla and her team have created a loving, fun, nurturing environment where each child gets to be the best that they can be.  Ciara will go into Junior Infants with a personal confidence, independence and a set of skills that will stand to her in the years ahead.  I cannot speak highly enough of Dundrum Montessori."
-Ross Gillanders

"Our girls have progressed so much since attending Dundrum Montessori; they are happy, confident and very independent. The principal and teachers are fantastic: they are so committed and caring. It has been the best possible preparation for ‘big school’. It was a treat to see them blossom as they have, and to watch them run into school every morning. We couldn't have asked for more!"
-Bernadette Colley

"Our daughter has hugely enjoyed her time at Dundrum Montessori!  She loves her teachers and they have helped her to become very independent and confident. She is beginning to read and is very well prepared for starting Junior Infants. Big thanks to Órla and co!"

"Mark has just finished his first year in Dundrum Montessori as is looking forward to a second one in September.  He has thrived in every way; emotionally, socially and in all aspects of his learning. He runs into school every day and is incredibly happy. The staff are really fantastic there...  they are clearly professional, well trained and experienced but also have the vital combination of kindness, warmth, fun and have a genuine fondness for the children in the school. I highly recommend Dundrum Montessori."
-Suzanne Lindsay