"Dundrum Montessori is a wonderful school with willingness, professionalism, and dedication apparent in every staff member. I feel privileged to have had Bobby attend for the past two years and am grateful to Dundrum Montessori for providing such a high-quality early learning environment in which he has thrived. Bobby especially loved circle time, going to the 'big garden' and his teachers to whom I extend a heartfelt thank you for preparing him so well for big school." Ms Maria & Ms Katrin (Year 1) and Mr Alonso & Ms Stephanie(Year 2). 

Jean Wilson

To all in Dundrum Montessori.It's been a wonderful year for Annelise, and the only downside was that it was curtailed by Covid. Annelise had a fantastic year! She ran into Dundrum every morning; she couldn't get in quick enough. At home she would recount her day from her interactions with Ms Ainhoa & Ms Marie to her stories with her classmates and all their daily adventures! We would like to thank you once again for your efforts and enthusiasm and for the time you spent with Annelise. All the best for the summer and for the next year. Our sincerest thanks once again"

David, Lisa, Sofia and Annelise Shanahan.

"A massive thank you to all the staff at Dundrum Montessori for such a fantastic year for my 4-year-old son. The staff have always been so friendly and welcoming that dropping my son off has always been a joy. He has learned so much and made some wonderful friends which has set him up so well to start primary school in September. Thank you again to everyone in Dundrum Montessori!

Fiona Mills.

"Our two youngest boys now 8 years and 6 years look forward to the three days they attend there each week while I work outside the home. As a family we have always considered our boys to be safe and well minded there. They are helped with their homework as required and it is generally completed to a high standard. My youngest son’s reading is gone through before he reads for us at home. It takes huge pressure off when the homework has been completed early in the afternoon while they are not too tired. They are both fussy eaters and Dundrum Montessori have often accommodated their tastes to provide healthy option foods - so they don’t ever finish their time there hungry. I would highly recommend this after school child care service. We feel we can speak with Deirdre or Mr Alonso, without hesitation, should any issue arise in the future. I wish Dundrum Montessori continued success.

Emer Maguire O’Kelly

"I have personal experience with Dundrum Montessori School and have always found it to be a wonderful, warm, and caring environment for children and parents alike. It is a happy fun filled environment, with a true dedication to Montessori Teaching. I would personally recommend Dundrum Montessori School.